High Octane, Action- View F1 Now In Virtual Reality

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Zip zap vrooooom!! Sound like something familiar and exciting? Well, Tata Communications brought a treat for Fans of Formula One. Tata Communications has launched a new competition by focusing on AR and VR technology and how they can make Formula Racing more immersive and impressive for the fans. Mehul Kapadia the managing director of F1 Business of Tata Communication now sees F1 experiencing a top-to-bottom digital transformation and also said that VR broadcasts are a natural step on the way with 4K video technology. F1 to be held in 2016 and the Innovation prize is also designed to encourage the team work more effectively being done in each Grand Prix.

The prize has been set at $50,000 so as to inspire the fans worldwide to tackle their technical work and passion behind it for F1 racing that ultimately drives the innovation in the sport via two technology challenges. They aim to reach tens of millions of fans across the globe.  It is established in such latest and the hottest technology so as to give the fans a real life experience with a comfort of the home too. This one end solution will now allow the fans to experience the immersive pit lanes, formula one paddock club, the driver’s parade or the starting grid formation virtually.

John Morrison, CTO of Formula One Management an also one of the judges, wants to give as many fans as possible the opportunity to experience the first- hand thrill of the Grand Prix and this latest brimming technology has made it possible in reality. This technology and mark represent the next big innovative opportunity for the sport arena.  Julie Woods-Moss CMO of Tata Communications’ and CEO of its NextGen Business said that the F1 connectivity prize has grown into a major platform which appreciates the huge potential of data and ultra fast connectivity in boosting F1 teams where the ultimate goal is to connect fans to the sport.

Julia woods-Moss is now inviting fans from all around the world to share their point of views on how VR/AR could be taken to another level engagement with the fan. As recently, Nescar Star Varooms His Car into BAJA BLAST VR Tunnel. It was a PepsiCo project, but yes, they started this path of mixing technology with sports.





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