Queensland Will Soon Witness A Launch Of VR Time Travel App

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Everybody wants a small piece of virtual reality in their life or industry. And we can again see this line being justified by Timelooper, a company who has recently taken a ‘time travel application’ overseas in Queensland by using a smart phone and a cardboard headset. Travelers can now witness major historical events in a version of 360 degrees such as the Great Fire of London and Blitz during World War II. This will be a location-based app which is currently making its home in Queensland. It is made possible by the state government’s HotDesQ initiative, which started with a $50,000 grant which was given to extend its operations. It will take up its space in the incubator by Queensland University of Technology’s Creative Enterprise Australia (CEA). TimeLooper is co-founded by Andrew Feinberg who said that the program will prove to be an amazing opportunity for the latest overseas startups which will give a foothold in the Asia Pacific market.

According to Mr. Feinberg, application is exclusively made for a tourism-focused platform and its robust tourism ecosystem, which can be an ideal starting point, that will scale up their global expansion. There is a New York-based start-up that has raised $2 million for time travel application  project. The teams are investing their time in the Sunshine State so as to reach out to the heritage sites, and by including them will provide immersive “virtual reality” experiences.

Some avid tourists must be feeling a lack of communication with the intangible heritage while visiting famous global landmarks i.e. when the great history was made. Therefore, TimeLooper will help to bring those major moments back to life via an immersive, time travel application. HotDesQ particularly aims to attract many new startups from overseas to come and to invest with them in Queensland which will help them to develop new ideas. Therefore, we can see that Virtual Reality is becoming  a major part in the travel world.




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