Minecraft- Windows 10 Edition Beta: Now Play With Oculus Rift Devices

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Minecraft enjoys the status of being the one of the most popular games ever made on this earth. It has now officially arrived with the help of Oculus Rift in Windows 10 beta form which is a part of an update for the Windows 10 edition. One can now download a copy from the Windows 10 store, or even from the Oculus Store. Already existing owners will automatically going to receive the update for free. It is the addition of an in-game “virtual living room” mode, which is switchable in nature and further allows the player that he can switch from by default fully immersive view window to a less ‘immersive’ window mode.

The alterations happening at the same time as in the game are well handled. The comfort is featured so as to ease the player locomotion which is specifically the implementation of the ‘stepped’ character rotation in which view shifts in 22.5 degrees in increments. The most impressive news about this update is that it offers cross platform for the users of Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Android, Windows 10 and iOS devices.

Minecraft is launched along with the new beta edition, which is in a form of a short film which throws light on how the team of Minecraft at Mojang was formed a special team which includes the members from Oculus to put an effort that will help you to guide the launch of the VR version. Saxs Persson from the Minecraft team says that the development was indeed an iterative process, especially if we look at the controls of the game in VR.

Minecraft in VR is an Arguably Powerful Experience and you can experience it in Windows10 edition beta either download it for free from windows 10 store or you can download the full fledged version from the Oculus Store at a price of $9.99.




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