Tips To Fix The Delay Time Problem Of Your Outsourced Project

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There is a time when a technology product development is being outsourced and the biggest challenge is there for a project manager and that is to meet the project deadlines and also to keep it on track. There can be many factors that can result in delay of your project such as, miscommunication, last minute changes or requests, or so on. So, it is advisable to set a and adjusts well in advance from the very beginning of the project so as to ensure that projects are not delayed anymore.  We have collected the views of the experts so as to what measures are to be taken in order to  minimize the risk of getting delayed.  We asked some of the successful projects/product managers and founders about what measures they implement to minimize the risk of going over time and avoid additional costs

We recommend is to set expectations. As the large projects coming in, the best way to overcome delay is to set expectations, therefore, break down your project into smaller parts and set milestones for each month properly outlined with proper dates and specs.

 We would also say to Write a clear and proper scope document and mention in clear words that what exactly are the requirements with a hard completion date and also with financial consequences. Always compliment your team on completing even a small task as they have put hard work on the project of yours and avoid negative criticism.

Next we would recommend that user stories always a long way. So, to have some amazing story points, empowerment is always the key. Therefore, empowered outsourced teams always own as what they have committed with client and also understand their estimates which are critical in nature. Therefore, it is advisable to evaluate the progress of the sprint for proper future output.

Therefore, we advise you to follow these steps to avoid getting delayed in your outsourced project and will give more time to plan which ultimately going to boost your progress. You can now avoid common mistakes while hiring a contractor for your mobile app development and can give your best output in your future projects.





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