Pixvana Divulges 10K VR Video Player and Brings Out Platform ‘SPIN’

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Pixvana is a cloud-based Virtual Reality video company and today they announced their much awaited solution for publishing and streaming a 360 degree video. It is a platform that subtly promises to deliver up to 10K resolution playback streaming from the cloud directly to the Virtual Reality devices which they have named as Pixvana SPIN.

This Seattle-based company has already developed innumerable technologies since their stealth came out last December. They mainly focus on making a 360 video less terrible for the viewers. They are inculcating their linchpin technology. It is technology in which a field-of-view adaptive streaming promises to increase the video quality and reduces the bandwidth for 360 videos.

With their Pixvana SPIN, the company asserted that they can deliver up to 100 megapixel resolution quality that too within the users’ field-of-view while they are cutting down the data deliverance by 70% in general. Forest Key who is the Company’s co-founder and CEO said that the FOVAS is more like swapping your old standard definition set for an amazing and brand new 4K TV.

Pixvana says that the preview version of the SPIN Player will be made available soon!  The apps regarding Pixvana will be made available for headsets such as HTC Vive, Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, and Oculus Rift. The SteamVR compatible app is declared to be released soon on October 8th.

Pixvana has shown the best-looking Virtual Reality videos one has ever seen till date. Pixvana came out of craftiness with their major announcement of the $6 million seed round back in December that will be led by Madrona Venture group with their participation from the famous and major Vulcan Capital and other angel investors of the time. Company founders have come from the very senior product and have been playing their engineering leadership roles at Apple, Adobe, Microsoft and Lucasfilm.




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