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Hands On: ‘Thumper’

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Thumper is a “rhythm violence” arcade game which is the fast pace of nature. It is developed by DROOL exclusively for PlayStation VR and PS4. As a space-scarab-like creature you will be able to rip down an infinite slide while you are jumping or drifting or even while thumping obstacles. In this game you will be battling with giant amorphous creatures while you are trying to beat your friends’ high scores. This is a high rhythm game which is all about surviving than a perfect run!

Thumper is fairly a long game as the playtimes do vary greatly on the basis of skill. The game actually encourages the player to play in sessions.  With increase in level of a game, there is increase of intense visuals and also of the reaction-challenging sequences that have to be tackled, especially when you put on your headset as it results in the relief of completion. This game is especially worth picking up if you are stuffed with a nice sound system along with a so called ‘thumpy’ bass. Vampire game is quite challenging and if players practice enough, then, players will be able to find themselves skillfully getting their way to the utmost satisfaction.

Thumper is among only a few PSVR titles that have been running natively at 90 FPS. It is very disappointing that Thumper makes no real use of the Virtual Reality mechanic and otherwise the player  have no reason to look away that too from the track at the screen’s centre. You can even look up a little bit to see what all is coming down the track towards you.  All this is very cool to see and also necessary to survive, but you can also see this kind and this much information even without the headset on.

The pink-Floyd color scheme seems a bit harsh for sensitive to flashing lights. Overall the game has a dark coloration theme which is nicely punctuated by neon colors which are signalling events that makes it tolerable for a short-period. We just don’t recommend playing this game for more than 2 hours of game in a single sitting as it can give severe headache. The game itself is very intense from both a game play and visual point of view that lends stressful experience. It is definitely not the game you want to play so as to relax yourself. After all it is exclusively for PlayStation VR and PS4.




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