Hands-on: ‘Pluto’

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Pluto is the hottest topic these days. “Pluto” is a brand new social application. It provides the users with various shared, virtual and immersive environments. Pluto is very much focused on conveying the convenience of a video messaging app just like Skype or Google Hangouts. It gives the facility to use any Virtual Reality game and still be able to take ‘VR CALL’ from friends or so. Pluto VR is made by co-founder of Pluto VR, Forest Gibson and Shawn Whiting, who work as a Mad Scientist and is also the co-founder of early social VR space ‘ConVRge’. Pluto has been made to run quietly in the background of any given app that the user will choose to run. It is very carefully and cleverly hidden in SteamVR menu tab. By clicking on the tab, the user will be able see their Steam friend’s list, settings, and can configure their very own avatar.

Pluto app offers many standard choices like face shape, facial hair, skin tone, eyes, nose, etc. Through the connections tab the user will be able to see who’s online, and can easily start both voice and ‘Video Calls’ and that too very directly. They named the video call as Visual call and the reason behind it is that the Pluto is setting itself up and will be serving AR devices too and that too very soon!

Gibson explained that Pluto VR is not focusing on building any kind of bespoke in-game items or the environments as for now! Our real life is very fast, but our virtual and illusionistic reality lives are very slow when compared. The user can plug in and play one or two games and can easily take off their headset. Pluto VR sees a future of always-on AR/VR headsets, where the user is quickly popping into someone else’s virtual space. There are many other attempts being made in order to have social interaction like V.time also lets you have real time conversation in virtual reality.




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