Oculus now Entering into your eye With ‘Eye Tribe’ Acquisition

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Oculus is entering the new stream of an eye-tracking startup, which is named as The Eye Tribe. It is a technology that will allow the eye control for the consumer devices that will enable the simpler and enhanced UX. The vision of the company is to become the leading provider of the eye control technology.

The arm development race is going on between Facebook, Google, HTC, and Sony in order to add more controls in the realm of Virtual Reality. The ultimate solution ever found in this fight has been EYES. Google also possess a Company called as Eyefluence. The Eyefluence Company uses a single system of the eye-gestures and does everything that could be done with hands. The Eye controls are known as the future for immersive technology. Other uses of this eye- tracking has other uses and cases too.  There are many companies like FOVE that are already having some major breakthroughs that are using eye-tracking technology in order to enhance social interaction in Virtual Reality.

The Eye Tribe’s has made some major commitment that it will encourage much simpler and enhanced User experience. It seems that Oculus made this young company to compete with Google’s properly nurtured company. Before any kind of Oculus acquisition, The Eye Tribe recently managed to raise $5.3 million via various investors as well as $2.3 million grant which was given by the Danish National Advanced Technology Association. Let us see if anything, more great comes up after FOVE headsets.




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