Hands-on: Huawei VR

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Huawei’s first Google Daydream compatible headset was revealed at CES 2017.  The headset has taken the cues from both the Samsung and Oculus Company. Huawei’s first ever Daydream compatible Virtual Reality headset was flaunted in front of the public at CES. The headset is quite similar to the Samsung’s Gear VR in terms of features and looks. The major difference is that the Huawei’s headset runs on Google’s Virtual Reality platform named as Daydream. The Huawei Virtual Reality headset has a lot of similarities with the Google’s headset, especially in terms of Visual experience.

As mentioned earlier about the similarities and therefore, the build of the Huawei headset is very much similar to the Samsung’ Gear VR in terms of plastic body and foam around the headset. If we talk about the comfort, Light leakage has been found on this VR Headset but it’s not a major problem as a bit of light has reflected off the lenses but that too from the outside.

Now the major thing comes is, the VISUAL. The FOV is a bit larger on the Huawei’s VR headset. It also exhibits more warping as well as the distortion around the far edges of the lens. The visuals like  Chromatic aberration, head rotation tracking, resolution, are almost the same, especially when compared to the Daydream View.  The Price and the availability of the Huawei Virtual Reality Headset has not been disclosed at the moment. The headset has the potential to be the frontier of the technology Virtual Reality, also will be delivered to more and more people as one of the first Daydream compatible headset and that too from a third-party.





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