Now change Mobile and Mobile Advertising with “AL” in 2017

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is omnipresent in a world where technology is dominating the realm. AI first came in front our eyes through Hollywood and then into our lives through Siri, a famous digital assistance which sings for YOU, when you are bored. It even tells you the joke when you are sad. It has answers to all your questions. AL became knight shining Armour for almost all the major mobile application. AL has transformed the way we interact with our Smart Phones. The digital assistance not only abides by our commands in our natural language, but also guides us to make smart choices and also completes our orders.  This field has a wide scope in the commercial world and being tagged as the ‘app revolution’. The AI powered ‘App Revolution’ had made a great impact on the way we use Mobile and Mobile apps. Here are some ways that can change the mobile and mobile advertising.

  1. Apps user Interface: The Customer interaction with the Business on social media platforms are increasing a lot. And in the tradition tap interface will be replaced by the chat interface soon that will give the user the freedom to talk about the product freely. The User Experience will improve a lot as there will be a lot of freedom which will eventually be going to encourage fast decision making being taken on different parameters.
  2. Analysis of Emotions to understand the User better: AL is used to understand the habits of the customers or consumers; therefore, App Marketers are using it to understand their customers and audience much better. It can provide a great understanding of the customer’s attitude or opinions regarding their products.
  3. AD Targeting: AD Targeting runs on the process of Trial, Error, Tweak and Repeat. You build a Hypothesis regarding your target, and then you run the Advertisement. Then you are in a position to read the conversion and based on the conversions, you target again until you find your desired results.
  4. Cross Selling on the APP: Getting new users for your application is extremely tough and expensive. It also consumes a lot of time also. Conversing with existing users in business terms can actually get you a lot benefit. You can later use this experience in understanding the other user groups to grab more users.

AL is considered as the most important and the latest advancement in terms of Smart Phones and also in everywhere. AL is touching millions of lives all around the world. AL can also helps in getting appropriate users or participants for UX. It has truly made a lot of advancement in term of Mobile AD Advertising. The Market is ripe for the AL.




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