Verdict reached in ZeniMax v. Oculus Lawsuit, $500M Plaintiff Award

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Under a very unfortunate cloud, the U.S. Jury Ordered Facebook and the creators of Oculus Rift to play $500 Million to the ZeniMax, a Gaming software company in lawsuit. The Lawsuit was filed by ZeniMax against Oculus, in which they claimed that their Virtual Reality technology was stolen. The Texas jury made the award in the trial where on document; it is proved that the Oculus Rift headset’s technology was stolen from ZeniMax Reality software.  The court claimed that the Oculus founder- Palmer Luckey and his colleagues have developed the Headset by obtaining the codes illegally from this gaming Company.

The two executives, Brendan Iribe and Luckey were accused of violating an agreement and also of copying the source code and other important documents via USB storage device. Oculus said that the core of this case was on whether the Oculus stole ZeniMax’s trade secrets; the jury took the decision in our favour. One can still remember, how happy Luckey was while being the first buyer of the Oculus Headset and the world is happy too. As a viewer, no one can anything.

ZeniMax also made many statements regarding the team that No processes the expertise in Virtual Reality apart from Palmer Luckey. ZeniMax will now keep a close track of their Virtual Reality development, ongoing use of computer codes so as to avoid the misuse of the technology. On the other hand, Facebook creators talked about the future big investment in the Virtual Reality content so as to offer more immersive experiences.







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