Get Replacement For Your Rift Accessories by Oculus

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Good News is flowing through the Virtual Reality realm that Oculus will not be selling replacement Rift Accessories. Oculus has already begun the selling of the additional sensors, earlier this year, along with their brand new earphones. Now, according to the latest news by Oculus, will be selling all in the box accessories replacements in the market. Oculus will be selling the replacement of Remote which will cost around $29, a headset cable, which will cost around $49; Fit (foam that would be covering the Facial interface) would cost around $29. We can see that, the replacement is quite reasonable. But you would be surprised to know that it is still costly than HTC VIVE’s replacement accessories.

While performing experimental support for, ‘Room Scale’ experiences through Oculus Rift, then it would create a problem as the headset cable wasn’t that long and now, a longer Headset cable is now available separately, which would at least 4 meters in length.

Well, there are some issues that have come up regarding the longer cable that Oculus have taken up in their latest blog posts. Oculus has clearly mentioned that the cable is a third party HDMI cable where as Rift is not designed to work with such long cables and the Company hasn’t done enough testing to guarantee it’s working. Now the problem arises that the extended cable needs a USB port of 3.0. Let us see, if there are some issues that will be raised by the extended cable wire.





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