Guru 360°- First 3-Axis Gimbal Designed For 360-Degree Cameras

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Guru 360°’ name is indeed very tempting! Well, as the name suggests the Guru 360° is the first 3-axis gimbals which is specifically designed for all the existing and upcoming 360-degree cameras. The major function of this axis is that it works with all the lightweight existing and upcoming 360-degree cameras with minimal obstruction to the field of view. Virtual Reality is one technology that changed the very lens of everything. ‘360-degree’ is the most important feature of the technology that is also responsible to bring the technology up and also for the growth of modern Virtual Reality!

In fact, we all should be very thankful to 360 video supports on various Social Media Platforms like Facebook, YouTube as only because of it, the concept of free- look was able to be introduced in the realm of Virtual Reality and one can access it in very inexpensive manner that is through Cardboard- Style Headsets, etc. But the sad part is the Virtual Reality realm enthusiasts are facing many Optical inaccuracies at play, when one wants to view on what is being captured. Even though by using more advanced stereoscopic hardware, the problem is still standing still there.

There are much advancement that is being made in the software region like, Real- time stabilizing feature that is coming directly to the insta360 devices. But, we must say that the most reliable hardware solution is the Motorized gimbals that are an expert in stabilizing the very shot.

The Guru 360° by GimbalGuru, is the first ever 3-axis gimbal which is designed exclusively for all the 360-degree cameras. Guru 360° is an expert that minimizes any obstructions that is being faced. It is a great supporter of all kinds of lightweight 360 cameras like the Gear 360, Nikon Keymission, Ricoh Theta S and Kodak Orbit. It corrects the unwanted movement like Roll, Horizon drift, rotation, etc.  The Guru 360° has shown its status as available at a price of $299. It is on a limited first run stock, which would be shipping in the middle of March.




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