Hands On: Drop Dead For Oculus Touch

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We all are aware of the fact that Gear VR games are ported to Oculus Rift. Well, if we talk about the games, then they would obviously be the same, but the graphics would be much better and some more added features come along like the benefit of positional tracking. The Drop Dead which was a part of the Gear VR family was again released on 23rd of March’ 2017 by Pixel Toy and that too with the latest addition of Oculus Touch has actually brought the game to a brand new level of difficulty!

Drop Dead who boasts 27 single player levels, has a story of well- worn troops along with an evil doctor who is somehow an essential NAZI and what not! Well, in short, he is very evil! In this game, you can use multiple guns along the way.  There is definitely some amazing pretty good voice acting and a bit of cheesiness, well; you will also get to know that they themselves aren’t aware of the fact. Though the graphics of the game is not impressive, but it is visually very cohesive and very is indeed very likable. Drop Dead weaponry offers a quicker reload and after a while, it will fade away in the background. And if we talk about the difficulty level, if you are pretty good in the shooting part, then it won’t be an issue for you! The touch controllers require more tactility totally depending upon your skill level.

If we talk about the immersion, then it is definitely, successful. When you are going from a scene of prioritizing targets, trudging, one can start to get into the feel of Drop Dead. Hitting the reloads actually prompts the immersive feature with its sheer chaos. Therefore, it is better to say that the comfort of the game is actually breaking the immersion. Drop Dead is very surprisingly fun in spite of having these flaws. There are many arcade games and let us see, how far this game will go with this kind of immersion level.




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