Trends and Insight of Love Dating Mobile App

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Mobile Dating applications have really transformed the whole arena, on how the society feels about how the society is seeking the romantic relationships. We all know love dating applications are overflowing nowadays and the dating apps demand among consumers is far from declining.  Pew research center has unveiled that 15% of the American adults claim that, they have used the online dating sites for mobile applications. Dating Applications are like social networks when everyone around you is using it and you also eventually give it a thought of using it.

We have accumulated the user acquisition cost across various major regions. Firstly, North America, the cost of installing a dating mobile application is $6.00 while the cost of registering is $9.09 and the registration costs more than $100. If we see Europe, then, the cost of mobile application and cost of registration is quite less than North America Whereas the cost of subscription is more than $300, which is very high as compared to North America.  In Asia, the cost of mobile application and cost of registration is $3 and $2.90 respectively, and the cost of subscription is $149, which is lesser than Europe, but higher than North America. If we see the subscription rate by region, then North America, has taken the lead.

You may be surprised to know that the cost of subscribing and installing is much more than it costs to women, but the more surprising fact is that Females register more than men. Females register 100 % more than men on Android, and 105 % more on iOS. It is also seen that people prefer the summer months the most of the dating mobile applications as we believe that, they are the best months to go out! It’s also seen that a week on average is for the people to install, register and subscribe to the dating apps. The major role that plays here is the UX feature. There it should be maintained properly.

Rolve Bhatia


Rolve Bhatia

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