UI Design – Challenges Faced by Every Designer

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Those involved in Designing are always envied for getting the most vibrant job on the desk. However, most of us fail to realize the pressure faced by the UI designers. Although for now designers are basking in the revolution of sophisticated designing tools and software’s, there are a lot of hidden challenges encountered by designers while constructing a UI design from scratch.

The Shiny and New GUI Elements

Introduction of new trends every now and then can never cease even in a designer’s world, such as designing links, scroll-bars, and the ongoing rad trend of Hamburger icons. While these new trends surely grab a user’s attention and look good but complying with these new GUI elements through design can often come as a hidden challenge for the designer. UI designers are paid to think from a user’s mind at all times and so optimizing the elements in sync with the design and the user’s expectations surely isn’t as easy as a pie.

Gap between Design and Development

Designers and developers may work on the same project are often found thinking and working on different domains and parameters. This creates a gap between the design and its functionality in the development stage. Although it’s a challenge faced by both ends however, designers in most cases have to generate an idea or a solution to bridge this gap between the two entities.

Resourceful Navigation

Creating a user-friendly interface and navigation system is of utmost importance for a resourceful design. And so designers have to carefully integrate all the controls and content along with the navigation. The major concerns in the mind of a user with respect to a user’s perception include moving back and forth from the content and the pages and at the same time the design must focus on centralizing the information to be presented to the users.

Getting in ‘Form’

Any UI design will be incomplete without mentioning a form and while designing forms there is a host of aspects to be considered. From validations to progress bars and text boxes, every minute detail must be kept in mind for a seamless integration.

Client Satisfaction

This may not look like a real issue until you face a clash on perspective or opinions with your clients as in most cases the ideas of a designer are dismissed to be replaced by the views of the client which may or may not be plausible with the code as well as the basic design structure of information flow. Probably so, this one can be passed off as a major challenge faced by almost all designers which needs to be dealt with grace and professionalism.

Rolve Bhatia


Rolve Bhatia

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