Appcelerator Titanium – A Remarkable Cross Platform Framework

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Mobile application industry has seen tremendous boost ever since Smartphone making companies have achieved delivering the Smartphones into the hands of consumers from every economical section. And now with a burgeoning demand for efficient and attractive mobile applications it is only natural to opt for development tools that are not only robust but save time at the programmers’ end. For this very purpose and keeping in mind the availability requisites for various Mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows etc, cross-platform development frameworks have grown to be immensely popular. One such remarkable cross-platform framework is Appcelerator Titanium offering high quality of deliverables to programmers.

This next generation cross-platform framework is known to deliver developers with the wider scope for developing Mobile applications with all the advanced and high tech features making them highly dynamic and interactive from the user’s perspective. These robust applications can also run on multiple platforms such as android, iOS, Windows, Palm and Bada, etc.

Titanium is an exceptionally brilliant open source development framework which is based on prominent technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python etc. which makes it a crucial development tool for developers from any trade for building highly creative mobile applications. Also, another noteworthy feature of this cross platform framework is that it can be used to build applications not just for Smartphones but also for Tablets and Desktops.

The brilliance of this cross-platform tool is not just limited to making the lives of the developers easy but such tools have had a great impact on the overall mobile apps industry which includes small as well as bigger enterprises in generating substantial revenues and setting up user base across all mobile platforms.




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