Chairman Of NCC Took Lessons On VR From Stanford Professor

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Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Tom Wheeler showed his interest in pro social applications of Virtual Reality with possible future infrastructure and policies that will support the technology. He wished to learn more about this over brimming technology of the year so, if a person wants to learn then there is no other place like school or colleges which can provide you education like none other. He did the same. He visited Stanford’s Virtual Reality Human Interaction Lab. According to Tom Wheeler, Virtual Reality shouldn’t have any gatekeepers. Jeremy Bailenson, professor and currently doing research on how people can see a more empathetic view of the world through Virtual Reality. He is also doing so by creating strong mental connections with the users. Even the Mike Scroepfer, Face Book’s chief technology officer refers VR headsets as the “Ultimate Empathy Device

After getting amazed by the technology’s wonders such as flying like superman or blocking of hockey penalty shots or playing role of other tribes or races or having role reversals with the other gender, he pinpointed one concern that creating Virtual Reality experiences for the masses can whether be handled with current bandwidth surge. According to him, 360 degree video tours of museums, etc. would require significant bandwidth. Sending small packets of tracking data would help in reducing the burden on the network and therefore, resulting in faster and smoother immersive experience.

Another concern that Tom Wheeler has been about the privacy from both the end, i.e. user’s perspective and the other is business perspective.  It can give the illusion of privacy as the details are stored in the Virtual Space. The other major concern was that As the Virtual Reality tracks, even the millimeter of a user’s movement and stimulus too, this becomes the virtual footprint of the user can be tracked with the user’s movement. Virtual Reality gives an incredible amount of immersions that one should take care of the fact that how this Virtual Reality is going to affect the people in return.




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