Is There Anything To Worry About AD Blocking In Europe?

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Mobile devices are growing fast with each new day and according to some studies, in 2020, more and more people will be able to have mobile phones (the numeric value is 5.5 billion) than having electricity (the numeric value is 5.3 billion). Now, where the world is going?  If mobile phones are growing in such a fast pace, then mobile apps are also growing at a fast pace. If a person is surfing net, then the individual doesn’t want to get disturbed with pop up advertisements.

Well, you can say that consumers in Europe are now savvy as they have the ability to block advertisers to avoid the tracking of their online habits and eventually just serve them ads in a pop up form. The ad blocking app is growing at a fast speed and downloads has increased at a speed of 3x.  Well, we can say that people are ready to spend money on gaming applications instead on the paid content. Let us see what the Industry has to say about Ad blocking.

 It is true that Irrelevant and excessive of mobile ads do annoy European customers. And Ad networks and agencies should see this current scenario as opportunities. It is high time that industries should now invest more time in getting their direct relationships with advertisers and less with the middlemen and the more traffic partners will be able to understand their client’s targeted audience.

AOL’s CMO Allie Kline also thinks that it’s an issue that one needs to focus on and should take care about their investments on the Content. Now if we talk about the price of ads, then you will be surprised to know that more 50% British adults were not aware that these ads fund free content. It is also true on the other side that these ad blockers are risking the ecosystem of free content and is eventually blocking all ads therefore, results in diminishing the experience.

There is nothing to worry about for European publishers and in fact, it has given an opportunity in ad types. Traffic partners should now put an end to those unengaging ads. They can achieve this by creating new types of forms of advertisement and be a bit more sophisticated with technologies so as to track and collect data in abundance from ad performance so that they could target better to their users. After all, the Content is a New Aspect for Mobile App Marketing.




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