Latest Oculus Touch Version Offers Better Tracking & Longer Range

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Oculus revealed its massive plans to introduce and add Touch controllers to the Rift VR headset back in June 2015, promising the release of the accessories in the second half of 2016.  In all the time in between Oculus teased the Rift fans and owners with several designs iterations and permutations. However, now that the moment has come Oculus claims to reveal what could possibly be the final iteration of the Touch controllers and says that it is better than ever!

A recent event, Gamescom 2016 held in Germany, Oculus’ Head of Content, Jason Rubin spoke about the Company’s highly awaited Touch Controllers and how the Company has been working on it in terms of improvement and claimed that the peripherals are almost complete with the latest version being very much close to what was experienced at the E3 this year.

After the revelation of the first every half moon prototype back in 2015, Oculus has claimed that the controllers have been greatly improved with better tracking at a greater distance from the sensors after consistently insisting on room-scale tracking being the priority like that of HTC Vive.

The official release date of the Touch has not been confirmed yet as the Rubin smartly teased slipping a few words about how Connect 3 would be the best place to make some kind of announcement.

The current make of the Touch controller hints at slightly refined features from earlier prototypes with a few subtle changes in button placements and the overall design. Also, earlier in the year Oculus also confirmed that the Touch will be bundled with the medium with additional touch titles in development. Guess we will have to be at the Oculus Connect 3 to find out!




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