Bigscreen Available On Oculus Home With Latest Updates On Avatars

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Bigscreen is a virtual reality application specifically designed for VR social interaction and experience by enabling you to bring your computer’s desktop and friends into VR. Bigscreen is now ready for many new updates and features and will soon be launched on Oculus Home.

Bigscreen was initially launched on Steam in April this year which is now available directly on Oculus Home with cross-play support offered for users on Steam/Vive. The app initially also supported Rift through Steam ever since its launch.

The most recent iteration of the application is currently in Beta testing state and will receive the latest updates and enhancements being available for free. The biggest change to this version however, is that you can create your custom avatars with a specialized character builder unlike the previous version which only showed a white disembodied head floating around. Now, you can pick from a variety of styles to create unique avatar after a series of mix and match.

There are many other enhancements included in the Bigscreen VR experience which will allow you to view your desktop in VR with desktop audio streaming which was the most demanded feature and thus, has been added to the very latest of Bigscreen VR as per the request of the users.

Although, Bigscreen is a great step towards the enhancement of socially interactive experiences in virtual reality but we are somehow forced to ponder upon the possibility of the product coming out a little too late as there have been seen many new recent advancements in VR social experiences coming out with advanced headsets such as Veeso that tracks facial expressions integrating them to the VR avatar along with applications such as Virtual desktop and Vtime.




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