Wolfe-Thunderbolt External GPU Claims To Make Macbooks VR Ready

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Macbook Owners, for quite some time have been looking to run their VR applications on Macintosh which is why a new project named Wolfe which is an external thunderbolt GPU is about to hit the web platforms claiming to offer hardware solutions for running VR apps on Macbook.

Apple users till now have been feeling left out for not being able to run the latest VR applications despite their expensive platforms which lacked the basic specficiations to run the VR applications. The same was depicted as a major concern by Oculus founder Palmer Luckey who stated that Apple doesn’t prioritize high end GPUs and that till then there was a single Apple device that supported VR friendly Specs.

Initially, Oculus had offered support for Rift on both Mac Os as well as Linux in their early SDKs however the same was discontinued back in 2015. Nonetheless, there is now a definite solution for all Apple owners as Wolfe Pro which is a new crowdfunded project claims to increase the average Macbook Pro’s GPU processing capacity ten folds by acting as the external GPU.

The Wolfe is a rather compact and neat GPU that comes with an Nvidia GTX 970 GPU which is the baseline processor for both Rift and VIVE. The Wolfe GPU connects to your existing system with an external thunderbolt connector rendering the required grunt to run modern VR applications.

The creators of the Wolfe are planning to offer the package in an early bird kickstarter kitwhich will be released for $399. Yet again, the GPU offers to resolve only the hardware problem by adding on to the GPU processing capacity via thunderbolt however there is till now no support offered to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive for which the users will require a dual-boot with a Windows operator via Boot camp.

Wolfe’s kickstarter campaign begins from 23rd August and looks like a potentially great campaign for all those who wish to enhance their Apple devices for enjoying VR applications and games.




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