Driveclub VR Announced As The Exclusive Launch Title For PSVR

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Driveclub VR has been in the talks for holding an unclear fate for being launched after the misfortunate shutdown of its developer Evolution Studios earlier in the year however, Sony’s internal Team took charge of the VR version of the game and much to the industry’s benefit Driveclub VR is expected to arrive this year as the exclusive launch title for PSVR.

The confirmation about the game being the launch title for PSVR was confirmed recently after the official PlayStation blogs from Nico Urru for US and EU published the news. However, Nico Urru who is the principal developer working on the project and who was also a former developer at Evolution studios has not yet committed to the release date of the title.

As per the details provided by Orru on his current assignment, the VR version of the game has been in the development phase for over a year. Driveclub VR includes many new significant enhancements and features such as:

Game Modes: the modes offer various VR multiplayer race modes along with a single player career mode with a strong action packed game play.

Tracks: Driveclub offers realistic and adventures tracks in five urban locations highlighted by the powerful performance of PlayStation VR.

Cruise Control: Cruise control offered in the game play is magnificent offering throttle control to simply coast and explore at your leisure.

Virtual Passenger: The feature offers replay videos of laps with letting the players watch themselves and view the big challenges from different viewpoints.

Driveclub VR is a strong immersive experience rendering an impressive 60 FPS which is almost double the original frame rate of the game and is later re projected to 120 FPS making this a promising launch title for PlayStation VR.





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