Crossout VR Review: Maneuver Customized Killing Truck With Oculus

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If you have a thing for death trucks and scary monster combat vehicles then Crossout VR is the game for you. The upcoming combat game is a product of the makers of the War Thunder (2012) which will be available for free. The game has not yet officially released for the consumers however, after trying an early version of the game which will be available on Oculus incorporating the latest Touch controllers, here is what we have come to think of it.

The best part, Crossout VR is a multiplayer gaming experience in which you can build, customize and maneuver armored vehicles for combat action. The early version of the game lets the players pick from a variety of armors and weapons as well as enhancements to build your own customized death machine. The incorporation of Oculus Touch controllers lets you pick up various parts with your own hands assimilating your physical ability in VR. Overall, such capabilities introduced in VR make it an extremely intriguing concept.

As soon as you strap on the rift you are subjected to an array of vehicle parts including miniguns and other vehicle forage set aside a rusty death truck. Attaching the picked up parts to the death truck using the Oculus Touch Controllers was not as challenging as it may sound as the parts clicked to the relevant spots on the truck magnetically. Once you are through with attaching the spikes and chainsaws and other dangerous looking guns, your vehicle is ready for a test run.

Driving the vehicle with the controllers is also very easy as it is similar to the original instinctive drive maneuvering the steering control to the left and right using controllers. Depressing a trigger on the controller shoots a volley of ammo from the guns on the outside letting you face your enemies in the game and taking them down using the weapons.

The game has a complete adventure element latched onto its very theme and promises further features and enhancements before the final version is released. However, it is yet to observe whether the Oculus Rift Touch controllers will be the only controllers compatible or if the game would be an exclusive Rift Title.





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