Virtual Reality And Ford GT Race Car Comes Hand In Hand For An App

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Virtual Reality has taken a pledge to reshape everything it is touching during its course of flowing through the world. It has changed many branches in the world like medicine; technology. In 2016, we have seen that you can drive and can even customize a car at the same time.

And now Ford has made a debut with a new “storytelling” Virtual Reality application which allows customers and fans to witness the company’s innovations. The app features a beautiful story about the winning of Le Mans Ford GT race car and promises to bring behind the scenes for the consumers.

The ford company is very excited for this opportunity as through this they will be able to provide a truly immersive experience that will display the best of Ford Motor Company as told by Lisa Schoder who is working as a Ford digital marketing manager. The virtual reality platform will allow them to tell dramatic stories so as to show a surprising and fun side of Ford to the customers.

The Application is now available for both iOS and Android devices. The application is developed in a partnership with Tool of North America which is known as the industry leaders in Virtual Reality and mobile app content. The firm also saw this Ford GT race car as an amazing opportunity because we all know that 2016 was celebrated as the 50th anniversary of the GT40’s 1-2-3 victory that happened in 1966.

According to Ford, the content of the application can be experienced with a VR headset, but not necessarily have to experience the stories. The brand’s next release is expected to be in September.  Virtual Reality has also changed the face of automobiles after Cadillac has introduced Virtual Reality into the industry.




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