Nokia Now Drops $15,000 In OZO Price For VR Enthusiasts

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We all know that Nokia has sold off its mobile business to Microsoft and that for two years ago and now Nokia is back with a bang with an Ozo professional VR camera. But, OZO is tagged with a hefty price tag of $60,000 which is very discouraging and to encourage sales, it is considering having a drop in its price.  It has lowered its price from $60,000 to $45,000.

The Ozo is a professional camera used for Virtual Reality has eight lenses in it which records complete spherical footage. There are eight microphones that also record and also recreate the sounds. Nokia has already tested the Ozo’s capabilities by capturing VR video of astronauts in an immersion pool base in NASA. The camera is all set to capture the aerial footage when connected to a drone.

Ramzi Haidamus who is the president of Nokia Technologies said that OZO actually enabled the immersive experience more creative and through Ozo one can enjoy the present moment. This technology has moved us deeply and now it will move us forward.

Nokia has joined hands with Deluxe to endow with high quality and post-production services in VR content which includes editorial and stitching. John Wallace, CEO of Deluxe is excited with the new partnership and hopes that their collaboration with Ozo will allow them to provide high quality VR experiences.

The Review of OZO camera has already created the swirl among VR enthusiasts and Chinese consumers will now be able to order the Ozo from September, and they can expect their shipments to be delivered in October.




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