Make Way for the First Virtual Reality Production Truck

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Virtual Reality veteran developer NextVR at its annual gathering rolled out a rather eccentric surprise for the VR fans by bringing out a Virtual reality truck at the National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas. Yes! You read that right.

The California based company launched in 2009 has created a niche for itself in Virtual Reality by focusing to drive its customers by putting them in VR space through the sports events. The nascent company earned a good $30.5 million in funding from biggies such as Madison Square garden and Time Warner Investments.

And now the VR truck has been created with an aim to help Virtual Reality reach the audiences by deploying the VR content at an arena or a stadium in order to increase the demand for the technology manifold then there already is. The more the people get to experience the beauty of a virtual world, the more they are likely to get involved and interesting.

The truck is designed to let the audiences plug-in and play delivering a multi-camera live stereoscopic VR experience with 3D sound at a venue reachable to all.

Currently the truck is moving to provide one live demo a week and slowly will increase its frequency after the success of this necessary step. The layout of the air conditioned and dimly-lit truck that smells of a new car is kept simple with an audio mixing facility and a cozy place for broadcasters to monitor the live VR content. The truck in all is cozy and comfy with a table for snacks and coffee to let the viewers enjoy the feel of a virtual theater inside the truck.

After the initial success the truck is ready to begin touring across US in June.




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