Google’s First Monster VR 360 Degree Movie will give you Goosebumps

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After Facebook tapped into Virtual reality with its 360 Degree videos Google has taken its turn to keep up with the trend or actually take it even further with its first VR 360 degree short movie to give you the Goosebumps. The movie titled Help. Help is a short Monster movie which lets the viewer to live a night of terror in the city of Los Angeles being chased by a deadly and ferocious monster.

The movie marks the beginning of Google’s exciting endeavors to take VR as a full time indulgence while captivating audiences through fully immersive and high quality content. Help being Google’s first live action film through Spotlight Stories has raised the bar for VR content however, the film is best viewed on YouTube or the spotlight Stories app on the phone in order to enable all the 360 degree features.

The video shows the city of Los Angeles getting invaded by entities from the outer space hitting the earth like strong orbs of light and a cop getting out of the car and being chased by mysterious creature. The viewer gets to experience all the action through a citizen’s point of view running from the terror striking the city.

Other major tech companies have also experimented with 360 degree videos however, Google’s innovation of creating a short film accessible on universal platforms could go a long way to mark the major first steps towards Virtual Reality’s integration with mainstream media. Undoubtedly, it has been one of the smartest moves Google could’ve made to appeal its audiences.




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