The First VR Headset that you can carry in your pocket

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Virtual reality has kicked off dirt and is now ready to take off and soar in the sky of success with many major tech giants entering the virtual world such as Facebook, Google, HTC, and Samsung etc. because the future of this next gen technology is looking bright not to one but all. Thus, many new startups have started working on this technology in order to find their big break and ride the tide of success.

After Google Cardboard one of the first VR headsets to come out and letting viewers get a taste of Virtual Reality is the most simple of all VR headsets and has its USP for being so easy to use and buy. However, Google Cardboard has just one drawback which its structure and being literally made out of a cardboard it is almost impossible to carry it around. Keeping this in mind Dodocase which is the premium iPad case company has launched its own VR Headset which is supremely compact and can fit in your pocket to be carried around anywhere.

The Dodocase VR headset known as SMARTvr not only supports excellent mobility but also offers impeccable VR viewing for media, videos, and apps. The SMARTvr Headset has been certified by Google and works almost like a pair of glasses. The headset is practically foldable and to view something through it the user just needs to flip open the flap and slip in the Smartphone for viewing the VR content in front of the lens.

The headset is not just portable it is also highly durable as it made of plastic and metal thus it is definitely more convenient to use in place of Google Cardboard. Well, this brilliant yet simplistic device might just give Google Cardboard a rock solid competition.




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