Pre orders open from October 10th for Oculus Touch

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The announcement we all have been waiting for has finally been announced that Oculus’ Virtual Reality motion controllers Touch are finally going on air for pre-order from Monday i.e., October 10th. It is priced for $199 plus it will be shipped on December 6th to them. Oculus’s Rift launch in March has marked a dawn in a new era of the immersive entertainment for many enthusiasts.

The headset has come under fire and feeling incomplete especially when it is compared to their biggest rivals in the field.  Though HTC VIVE costs more, but it does come packed with a simple promise of complete track motion controllers. In the last few months, it has been somewhat of a thorn in the Oculus Rifts’ side. The company has chosen to wait until and unless they were being fully content with both their hardware as well as the software lineup in order to support it. This approach may prove right and may be wrong, but Touch Controllers are something worth waiting for.

Finally a final date has been launched as when consumers will finally own their Oculus Touch. The controllers will go up for pre-order for an affordable price at $199 in States and UK can expect the touch controllers at a price of £189. They will be paired well in a new packing of the Rift and the Touch Controllers which will be priced at $798.




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