Requisite DO’s for making a VR Immersed Film

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2016 is the year of Virtual Reality And the brains of top software engineers and developers have teamed up for creating the best possible applications and tools for VR. It is no doubt that VR is the most valuable gift that technology has given to us. It gives the power to the less fortunate in real life to be fortunate in the virtual life. Virtual reality has emitted the line between the physical and virtual world. The traveling experience has taken a sharp flight upward because of the Virtual Reality. It has changed the perspective of a Stage performance. It has taken the audience beyond stage shows, 3D graphic cinema with 3D glasses and photo shopped images. Virtual Reality has given us the access to change the above mentioned view to something we call Next generation cinema experience. If you are an aspiring Movie maker and want to try his hands in VR immersed Movie then the following DO’s are most to follow:

1 FEELING OF BEING PRESENT:  You should try to make a movie in which the audience could reach out and touch and feel the environment and people in the movie. It should make them feel as if they are living in that Virtual world. It will change the traditional way of viewing the moving. It is creating a story in a particular location and environment and welcoming audience to enjoy that arena.

2 EXPLORING THE WORLD IN 360: Virtual Reality allows the audience to View the environment at 360 degrees. The Audience won’t be looking at the front of your environment that you have created for your movie. That is why, you have to create the back same as your front. You also have to allot a specific time for the audience to explore or to be in a specific environment. You also have to maintain a balance between freedom to move and the installing certain elements that you want your audience to engage with. Movement comes with an array of technical careful considerations or limitations. SO, if you wish to make the static environment, you can do it or you have to make sure the moving environment looks and feel natural to the audience.

3 AUDIO: Audio is an essential element of any movie as it creates a strong and emotional response of the audience. You have to use bin-aural sound to make it feel natural.

4 MOVE WITH FUTURE:  VR is the latest and the hottest topic of the century and that is why, it keeps on becoming better. You should also keep updating your VR experience.

We hope that these above mentioned points will help you to make a VR immersed movie for your desired focused audience.




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