Virtual Reality Proves Useful in Diagnosing Patients with Concussions

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A neurotechnology company named SyncThink has produced and launched its new medical device `which can successfully diagnose patients for concussions using Virtual Reality, after it was passed by the FDA. The device is used to track and record the eye movements of patients using an integrated virtual reality system. The device is therefore, rightly named Eye-Sync which features a complete eye tracking system using a head mounted display.

The device Eye-Sync can quickly and accurately track abnormal movements of the eye which is common in patients and people suffering from concussions. The device’s precision and accuracy in detecting vision problems can be resourcefully used in many fields such as Sports and military to quickly let he authorities know of the patient’s out of sync brain activity after a collision or during medical tests respectively.

Scott Anderson, the director of athletic training for Stanford University Sports said at the release of the device that “Stanford currently as an investigational device to screen athletes for concussion uses the new Eye-Sync technology and make decisions on return to play.” He also claimed that EyeSync in the future will be a successful and popular in diagnosis for sports related practices and will hold a significant implication on the sidelines.




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