Amazing Virtual Reality Suit that enables you to feel Touch

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Virtual Reality headsets and gadgets are the latest and the hottest new trend in the world of technology. There are so many different types of gadgets that aim to enhance the VR experience in some way or the other just like the recently launched Samsung’s new 4D Entrim Headphones that enable the user to experience movements in 3D through the sensations created by the sound in the ear.

And now another recent addition to make its way into the VR world is Tesla’s new VR body suit that enables the user to feel ‘touch’ in VR. Yes, that’s right! And we all know that all senses of the human body must be taken into account for a completely immersive experience and thus, this genius body suit is ready to bring out another revolution to this young field of technology.

The body suit is specially tailored to be made out of a textile lined with mini electrodes that send sensations across particular parts of the body which means that there will be no wires or cables. The electrodes send pulses through the body as per the visuals in the VR to trigger specific sensations in the body. Also, the pulses can be controlled in terms of power with different frequencies.

Check out the complete video uploaded by DNews to know more about this wonderful piece of technology, right here!




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