Vive Tracker Dev Kits Are Now Being Shipped To Developers

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Virtual Reality has a spell over anyone, who-so-ever tries this technology for the first time. All the companies who have ever tried the technology has now making advancements in the field in order to provide the best possible experience for everyone. Many Companies like Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, and PlayStation VR has grown a lot and are exploring new ways to woo people with the technology.

Recently, HTC has made a promise to deliver 1,000 Vive Tracker dev kits with a vision to start the ecosystem of accessories and other Virtual Reality game implementations for various kind of motion- tracked accessory. The Company is soon going to deliver their first lot to the developers. The Company has got more than 2200 plus applications and on the base of these applications, the first shipment have been released.

The Vive Tracker will be unveiled in Q2, and will be shown to the consumers on that day only, though the release day and price has not been stated yet! HTC VIVE has already seen the excitement, by the amount of the application received. The Tracker means a lot in order, in terms of investment in the Virtual Reality community that will take the Virtual Reality to a new level.

Though the HTC has received a large number of applications already, they are still keeping the application process going for everyone. There are many new units, which are yet to be assigned to the developers as the Company is considering handling out the additional units to the developers. As consumers, you all must be waiting to know the best possible difference between Oculus Touch Controllers and HTC VIVE’s tracker! We would say, they are a lot different from each other.





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