A Sneak Peek To The First IMAX VR Experience Centre

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We are here to provide you a sneak peek of the immersive themed world that IMAX has opened with their immersive Visuals and 360 degree content. It has perfectly launched a new outing place that you can go with your friends and get yourself launched into the world of Virtual Reality, where you would be allowed to watch movies, play certain games and so on, by wearing your best Headset (frontier of the technology). Well, you are very lucky to be born in this era to see the evolution of a simple Gaming technology into the world of Movies and other branches. IMAX has recently launched its first ever IMAX Virtual Reality center in LOS ANGELES.

When you will first step into the world of IMAX, you will notice that it has employed the most advanced VR headset and motion tracking technology that is being powered by Lightening fast speed computers with state-of-art facility. Your experience starts from the moment right there, when you enter your foot inside the lustrous and futuristic lounge. You would be provided a small and quick tutorial, and after that, you simply step into any one of the 14 IMAX Virtual Reality pods and moreover just strap up your headset and just escape into the illusionistic reality. The pods with the help of the most advance technology will track your very single movement and work together to provide the best possible immersive experience and over- the- ear sound.

If you want to experience a certain video or game, it ranges between 5 to 15 minutes each that includes some of the hottest and amazing Virtual Reality games. IMAX also allows you to take full revenge from the criminals who actually killed your dog, just like in John Wick chronicle and all goes on while your friends beat your highest score. IMAX VR welcomes each and every individual to taste the future. It was just yesterday that IMAX announced about their centers. They have worked very quickly and indeed very smoothly to provide the best possible experience to YOU!




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