Hover Junkers To Give More Guns To Shoot In Their Latest Update

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Eagerly waiting for more things so that you could shoot more with your HTC VIVE? Good news! Hover Junkers will now provide you this opportunity with their new update. Stress Level Zero’s popular multiplayer shooter has recently launched its 1.2 Loadout update which includes a lot of new features like bunker, a new personal space built for players in which they can actually test their out guns at a specific and all targets range and will have the freedom to customize their inventories built for their battle. The developer has also added new guns in this new update which will be arriving every week for the next four weeks.

The week’s weapons do include a new four barrel shotgun, which they have named as Quadshot, and a semiautomatic handgun which they have named as Stapler. The trailer hints us that what other kind of tools for destruction are on their way until the next week and also a new character named Lonewolf has also been added.

Let us hope that these updates will work as wonders to the Hover Junkers experience, which some regarded as the main flaws when review of the game came out. And we also hope to hear that is coming to other platforms, for example, the Oculus Rift in the coming future.





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