HTC Bringing VR To The Mobile Storefront For Android

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The company’s Virtual Reality presence is being lacking in their mobile department which has been somewhat considered as important  and keeping this in mind, HTC Company today announced a mobile version of their VIVEport Virtual Reality storefront only for Android Phones. VIVEport M is looking forward to serve as a nucleus point for 360 content and their Virtual Reality applications that work very well for their users and that too with or without VR headsets. The Company is initially launching the Storefront in China. And later on they will be rolling out globally which is part of their plan.

The company’s HTC VIVE headset has always been the top choice in the realm of Virtual Reality hardware of for many developers and consumers for months. Now-a-days they are facing competition with Facebook’s Oculus Rift which is all set to release its much anticipated Touch motion controllers.  HTC has distant itself from the Valve and Steam a bit in order to establish a storefront for mobile.

VIVEport M allows HTC flexibility in order to sell the content that will work across different platforms. HTC operates alongside the Play Store which is soon going to receive a lot more attention on the developer in the coming months as Daydream will be hitting more phones. Let us see how far this initiative goes that is being taken by HTC? Everyone is looking forward to the HTC VIVEport for android phones.





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