Now Visit Berlin Wall and Pearl Harbor with Virtual Reality

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We all know about Pearl Harbor and Berlin Wall incidents through a movie or reading in our textbooks back in our childhood days and always wished to visit those places at the time of their happenings. That was a dream that was seen by every child in that Era. And now Virtual Reality is turning this dream into reality. Visitors to the Washington-Area Museum will now be able to experience the whole scene first hand with Virtual Reality. They will also experience the emotions involved, especially when you are standing on the one side of the Berlin wall or standing in the midst of the shipwrecks and fire smoke covering each and every aspect of the scene and curling across the sun.

They will be able to experience the lapping of the oil-choked waters and explosions occurring at a certain distance. Later they can be transported to a typical American Refugee camp after the attack where they will be listening to the President’s Roosevelt’s speech. Well, anyone can experience this scene as the exhibition will be running from December 5 to December 11 at the Newseum. All you need is Virtual Reality Headset and a pair of handheld controllers.  On the tour of the Berlin wall, the visitors will be taken to the East Berlin where they will see how the soldiers are keeping a keen eye and watching through Watchtowers that guarded the Iron Curtains as well as the tunnels that were used in order to smuggle the Soviet citizens to the West Berlin.

Virtual Reality has made everything possible and is touching every field like Media, History, Medical, gaming etc. We on the behalf of the whole generation want to say thank you to this generation that allowed us to experience each and every lost moment and coming moment first hand!





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