Upcoming Virtual Reality Games for Sony’s PlayStation

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Sony’s PlayStation VR is an exciting new VR gadget which is set to be released in October with brilliant set of VR games. Sony’s reputation in gaming technology and the much affordable and attractive price range of the VR headset has already driven the avid gamers to the edge of their seats in the anticipation of Sony PlayStation VR Headset. The VR headset will be compatible with Sony’s latest PlayStation 4 console and thus it won’t require a high end PC to run hefty VR games.

The specifications and the reviews of the VR headset have been beyond satisfactory and is a great bet to stake your money. However, if you still need any further convincing then check out these extraordinary and upcoming VR games for Sony’s PlayStation VR.

10.  100 Ft. Robot Golf

9.   Star Wars Battle front VR

8.   Battlezone

7.   ADR1FT

6.  PS VR worlds

5.   Golem

4.   Rigs Combat League

3.   EVE Valkyrie

2.   ACE Combat 7

1. Gran Turismo sport




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