Virtual Reality is projected to Hit $75 Billion by 2021

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The Global virtual reality revenues will be reaching $7.17 billion soon by the end of the current year as told by the Greenlight Insights. They have also seen the vision that the Global Virtual Reality revenues would be reaching total close to $75 billion by 2021. According to the study, more than 65% of all the VR revenues would be coming from headset sales this year! It is also said that consumer content will make up approximately 12 percent and also the VR cameras make up another 11.6%. It is expected that, in the coming future, the revenue will get split and will slowly be shifting that will make up to 24.2 percent of the revenues in the year 2021.

There is another forecast coming directly from the Greenlight that the location-based virtual reality in malls and movie theaters is also soon going to boom in the industry and will bring in $222 million worldwide and by 2021, the amount will reach to almost $1.2 billion. There is always an element of uncertainty as the major headset makers companies like Oculus, HTC, Google haven’t released any of their actual sales number for their device!

This data is shared by an Adult Virtual Reality Video company and also suggested that there may be reasons that why some of the manufacturers are yet to release any of their sales numbers. Samsung’s Gear VR has already sold more than 5 million units! Let us see what other companies have the numbers to show to the world!




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