VR Says That Now You Don’t Have To Miss Weddings

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Preparing wedding guest list is one hell of a job. You want everyone to come, but worried about your budget too. It usually hurts so much to know that your friends were not there with you on your life changing moment. Edwin Rogers, who is the founder of VR video which is a production service in New York, doesn’t wish to see a frown face of any newlywed couple. He did a great job of re-creating the immersive feeling for those who missed your marriage or engagement with Kodak SP360 4K Action camera.

We are attaching an engagement video with this blog so as to give you an example of how this industry will be flourishing very well in the coming era. This is no longer an expensive dream, but will not be that cheap too. VR services scale the price on $2000 to $10,000. David Marlette, CEO of Cinemersia, a VR production company in Cinema will now record 360 degrees wedding videos this summer.

This has already started as the luxury brands are already showcasing their ramp shows in VR which will help the people who are shopping for their wedding to choose in a more comfortable manner and environment. With all this hype, the professionals are handling Weddings with VR, this wedding season.





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