New Virtual Reality Attraction in Six Flags Theme Park

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Roller coasters and Scary rides must surely be the first thing to come to anybody’s mind with the term Theme Park and that’s exactly what gets us all excited and pumped. However, apart from the thrill of the ride roller coasters do not have much to offer considering that these mega structures have to be set up at wide open spaces offering the least visual treats.

Six Flags a popular Amusement and Theme Park in coalition with Samsung are planning to put an end to the dullness of traditional rides. Six Flags entertainment and Samsung will use Virtual Reality technology and Gear for a rejuvenated roller coaster ride experience. The Virtual roller coaster ride will provide all the thrill and excitement of the twists and turns and highs and lows along with a featured mid-air space alien battle on the VR screens of the headsets strapped onto the riders.

Also, the video or the featured content on the VR screens will be created by the pioneering VR firm Oculus Rift which will be synced with the motion of the chairs as in 7D movie viewing.

The virtual Reality revolution of the rides is set to hit the nine Six Flags theme parks across the country. The simulated rides strike off the risk to the life of the riders due to any mechanical fault while high up in the sky during an ongoing ride. Also, the ride in 360 VR provides an overall experience of a new world and setting in the VR similar to the VR Roller coaster app available on Play stores, adding additional fun and spunk to the concept of the ride. In addition, the VR companies can provide latest and updated content for the mechanism which will bring back visitors repeatedly to the same ride.

Surely, the technology is finding its way into the niches of business as well as the consumer society which till now has been mostly for the good of all.




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