New Trendsetting Augmented Reality Apps

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Augmented Reality has been in existence for quite some time now without the general folks realizing its meaning or even being familiar with the term. However, with the virtual and augmented reality becoming the front runners in latest technology users all over the world have become acquainted with the competitive concept of virtual and augmented worlds. While Virtual Reality stands for immersive experience in a virtual world, augmented reality implies increased or enhanced reality hence, we can say that it aims to bring reality in a more enhanced and smarter way by providing deeper details about the real world on the screen of your Smartphone.

Fortunately, we have some quality content to understand and utilize the concept of augmented reality in the form of Android and IOS Apps.

  • Across Air- Across Air is an augmented reality app which provides 3D navigation and browsing to get a detailed information about any real world location right on your screen just by pointing your Smartphone and viewing the location through the camera. View hotels, landmarks, restaurants and other geo tagged locations floating like balloons across your screen
  • Google Goggles- Google Goggles uses image recognition to deliver detailed information about logos, barcodes and QR codes. Not only this, the app lets you add contacts through business cards, read summary of novels just by pointing at the title with your smartphone.
  • Layar- Another AR browser that lets you scan buildings and streets to provide you with over 3000 layers of digital information about the surroundings. Layar can even show you tweets from the people present.
  • Wikitude World Browser- Use your phone’s camera to browse the nearby places and locations to get information about the landmarks. Find places such as ATMs, cafes, restaurants along with their ratings from yelp, etc.
  • Google Sky Map- Google Sky Map is for times when you are lying under a starry sky and you wish to know more about them. All you got to do is point the camera of your Smartphone at the stars and get all the information about the constellations.




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