Oculus Will Unite You With Friends in Virtual Reality

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Oculus Rift is all set to hit the stores with the latest VR technology and attractions along with mesmerizing quality content to keep hooked in the virtual world and setting. While virtual reality is all about getting immersed in the virtual world, it can somehow be a little lonely in the virtual world. To make sure the void is filled Oculus has decided to let users find and unite with friends even in the virtual world.

Oculus, tied up with Tech and Social Media giant Facebook is now working to bring a shared experience in virtual reality with the release of the latest VR headset. The innovative chaps in the Virtual reality experimental lab of Oculus with their hard work will allow to users to be notified as soon as a contact or a friend is found in the Virtual World, i.e. flaunting similar headsets and being online.

However, Samsung’s Gear VR has already benefitted their users with the buddy list in VR. In Gear VR users can interact with other players online for a shared or multiplayer experience in the gaming setups. There is a set of games which brag of such sophisticated features such Herobound, Social Trivia and Adventure Title. Just as mentioned above Samsung’s VR headset also notifies the players with a set of notifications allowing the players to know which players have joined the game and are online.

We could almost see this coming from Mark Zuckerberg’s referral to Virtual Reality as another big Social Platform in his speech about VR. Well, surely Facebook CEO and Oculus are trying all their best to turn VR into a big thing in the future targeting not only brilliant gaming but overall enriching social experiences through this wonderful technology.




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