Samsung’s 4D Headphones Can Sense Movement in Virtual Reality

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Samsung unveiled its 4D Entrim headphones at the SXSW festival held in Texas which boosts the virtual reality experience through special effects. Samsung’s entrim 4D headphones are said to be able to trick the brain and the cochlear part of the ear which regulates the sense of balance and motion. Thus, the 4D headphones used with Samsung’s Gear VR will allow users to sense movements in VR deeply affecting the experience in virtual reality for a good measure.

Samsung Entrim 4D headphones are specially designed and developed using algorithms and a specialized system known as Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation (GVS) along with innovative and safe techniques to send vibrations and specified electric signals to the cochlear nerves sending sensations of movement synchronizing the body with the changing movements as per the content in VR.

Hence, with these smart headphones the users will be made to feel like they are actually moving along with the video while using Samsung’s Gear VR. Aside from sensing the movements, the headphones will also give the users a sense of direction and speed.

The creative leader of the project Steve Jung in a statement said that Samsung Entrim 4D headphones will let users experience Virtual Reality the way it was meant and intended to be.

Although the hardware of the headphones is still in development phase, Samsung is planning yet another version of the device which will enable sensation of rotational motion. Also, an interesting fact behind the device and its application is that it will reduce the nausea during VR as mentioned in the review of Minecraft and other games alike. The reason users feel nauseas is because they d not feel the motion as depicted in the Virtual gaming world through the headsets but with the headphones to make you feel the motion, they are certain to curb the problem effectively.

The addition of Entrim 4D is sure to give an edge to Samsung’s Gear VR and its sales across the world.




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