Minecraft in VR is an Arguably Powerful Experience

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Minecraft is one of the most popular games played and so it comes with little or no surprise at all that minecraft is now available in VR with Oculus rift and it is just as natural in minecraft otherwise. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Microsoft’s Minecraft will make it to Oculus Rift. Minecraft on Oculus is more than what initially meets the eye as Oculus continuously needs more of impressive content to justify the $599 price of Oculus Rift VR headset with its given specs while Microsoft needs to propel and promote Minecraft as a game to justify its $2.5 billion price tag.

Mincraft in VR however has some limitations such as the inventory, armor and life tabs float in the field of view unlike other games such as racing which neatly places information as a dashboard but in mincraft the HUD floats in your view aimlessly.

Mincraft’s probing nature is especially suited to VR and Rift as aside from a minute or two of combat Minecraft lets you casually explore the surroundings. As the game starts the player finds itself in a living room and by using the screen in front the user can enter the first person view.

Just like gaming in VR Minecraft too surprisingly kicks in nausea. One can experience the real sense of vertigo while standing high up on the glass bridge in the Minecraft landscape. Therefore, one has to be cautious about the speed of walking through the minecraft ways and the speed of head turns so as not to feel nauseas.

Also there are two ways to play the game, while one way it lands the player in a virtual living room the other way lets you play minecraft as the first person view. Overall Minecraft in VR is an experience worth trying however it does need some improvements to reduce the nauseating effects.




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