Be a Hero, Save a Cat in Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality is the coolest new way to live in an alternate universe, another world where you can test yourself and overcome your worst fears without outing yourself into any real danger. How cool does that sound? Surely amazing! Well, fortunately it’s no longer a dream and a reality which will soon be close to you.

A specialized Virtual Reality space called Virtual Reality Zone project I can, in Tokyo lets you face all your fears and overcome them through a progressive yet controlled environment. The demo experienced in HTC Vive Pre gives you a real frightening experience in VR.

The demo is designed around rescuing a cute kitten which has strayed along a jutting plank from a building high up in the cityscape. The participants walk down the plank facing their biggest fears of height, fall and death and the emotions recorded during the complete process is just close to perfection. The feelings of anguish, fear, and then pure happiness and joy for overcoming the sick fears is worth this terrifying project.

This is where virtual reality has proven to be exceptionally ingenuous once again and has casted a powerful impact over the lives of people in the most darnest yet admirable way.




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