Google’s iOS Compatible Cardboard could change the Market

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Google as decided to bring Virtual Reality to Cardboard and while this may come as a mind numbing surprise to many, it isn’t much curious if you ponder over it for a while. Tagging the iOS user base for virtual reality could possibly help Google seed the market at an early stage. Till now, it has only possible to rig a VR experience on Google Cardboard but with Google’s new decision announced late Wednesday to launch a Cardboard software development kit (SDK) for iOS, one could easily enjoy VR using cardboard on their iPhones.

One of the major reasons to bring virtual reality to iOS could be the exceptionally nominal price of the VR cardboard which is $15 as it is indeed made out of a cardboard, as most users at an early stage wouldn’t consider spending huge amounts for headsets. For Example Samsung’s Gear VR offering a brilliant functional headset at a price of $99 is much more likely to be the choice for Samsung device owners compared to Oculus Rift which is priced at a high $699.

Many production companies in VR have distributed free Google Cardboards to give the audiences an early taste of VR. For instance, New York Times gave out 1.3 million Google cardboard devices for free to the users as an effective technique to lure in the interested users.

Although they offer a very limited experience yet it is effective enough to give the people an idea as to what virtual reality really is and what it ma behold in the future.




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