Role of Interactive Animation in the game of Mobile Development

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The evolution of gestures and animations has broadened the horizons of UI design patterns in mobile development bringing an exciting new genre of interactive design to the table. With these significant advancements, mobile application designers and developers have learned the importance of interactivity. Navigation and user actions have enhance the level of socialization through applications.

The days of web interactions through clicks, scrolls and keyboard shortcuts have gone and now multi touch gestures rule the world web interactions. These gestures include the multi facet of touch screen systems with unprecedented level of human-computer interaction through touch. For instance take the latest Android device which employs multiple touch gestures and patterns for various functions in applications such as calendar, Messages and Image Gallery.

However, checking into Apple’s touch patterns and gestures they are far more advanced as per Apple’s latest multi touch gesture patents. These multi touch patterns are ay advanced and provide an insight into the future of interactions. The latest Devices such as Android and iOS have been continuously working to present more refined and specific touch patterns.

The best thing about animations is that these are intuitive and responsive of the real world for users. Animations are important to capture the minds and retain attention of the users by maintaining the illusion through intangible yet delightful animations. The addition of resourceful animations with varied touch patterns is bound to bring along the fun element which is necessary to retain users and keep them entertained.

Thus, the latest design fundamentals have not completely changed but only shifted to more of advanced ways and breakthroughs.




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