Check out Hover Junkers the Best VR Multiplayer Game

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Virtual Reality has recently seen many cool and amazing new games that offer high degree of immersion however, this one game named Hover Junkers has utilized VR to the best of its abilities interlacing the gestures and movements with the real world. Hover Junkers is currently available for HTC Vive at a launch price of $35 from developers Stress Level Zero.

The game is an absolutely fun experience allowing multiple players to enjoy the setting simultaneously with a handful of creative movements and hand gestures for the players to communicate among each other. The players play mercenaries flying around in hovercrafts and locating other players to shoot them. The experience in VR is totally enlivening.

The players are provided with some exquisite moves and gestures such as showing the middle finger, thumbs up and fist bumps. Also the players can duck to take cover beside objects present in the game’s setting. The game is much exciting once you learn how to reload the gun for which you need to run your finger around in a circle on the touchpad and then whip it to close the chamber for another round of six shots from the pistol. These movements make the best use of HTV Vive’s hand controllers as they feel just as natural to bring about the actions.

The game is best played in a room size scale for all kinds of physical activities such as ducking and dropping to the ground and then quickly jumping out of cover to bring down your opponents. These are few elements that not only make this game an exciting experience but also enhance a great social experience in VR.




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